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With España Casas you are able to rent out your accommodation and have it managed through your personal website, advertisements and using your own settled accommodation manager. On top of that you can use our network and experience, in order to make the best possible profit.

Rental Services & Commission 
The rent commission is 15% of the rental fee, exclusive IVA, key management, the costs of final cleaning and additional extra services.

Rent includes:
1.  The supply of lessees via the network of España Casas. 
2.  The settlement of the rental fee with the lessee of España Casas. 
3.  Arranging for the rental agreement with the lessee of España Casas.


Rent & Key Management Services

Espana Casas will take care of the key management services, the promotional activities of your holiday home, the entire reservation procedure, the booking, the payment and everything else regarding the reservation and administration. 

Concerning the rental object, the owner and landlord shall observe the following points:
1.  Owner shall arrange for 3 sets of keys and possibly 1 remote control for the garage or gate.
2.  Owner shall keep lessor fully informed about the arrival of own lessees.
3.  Owner shall arrange for an inventory list of his possessions for check-up.
4.  Owner shall arrange for an insurance for the building and content of his property.
5.  The key manager will be the contact person from arrival at the airport.
6.  Requests or reservations through our websites go always in consultation with owner. 

Prices Key Management: 
Service Contract, an annual fee from 250.00€ inclusive of check in and checkout lessees and calamities number. IVA not included. 
2.  Mandatory final cleaning 75.00€ to 125.00€ to be settled with lessee to the accommodation manager depending of the size of the property.
3.  If desired by lessee Airport service from 50.00€ per single ride up to 4 persons.

Espana Casas has a collaboration with various key managers on location, each with its own prices. The mentioned prices can therefore be subject to changes.

Key Management includes: 
1. Arranging for key transfer upon arrival and departure lessee. 
2. Executing final inspection and reporting possible damages or missing objects to owner. 
3. Dealing with complaints by the lessee during the rental period. 
4. Arranging for a standard welcoming package for the benefit of the lessee. 
5. Giving valuable tips and advice concerning the neighborhood to lessee. 
6. Arranging for Airport Service if so desired by lessee. 
7. Being the contact person in case of calamities of the lessee. 
8. The clean delivery of the apartment.

When the owner introduces lessees himself
No commission has to be paid to Espana Casas. Lessee shall arrange for the costs of final cleaning. 

Key handover and final cleaning
The details of the accommodation manager will be given to the lessee after completion of the booking. Lessees are also responsible for the cleaning themselve. They need to turn over the accommodation broom clean. The price of the final cleaning will be paid by lessee on location. 

Deposit and possible damage
The accommodation manager will look for possible damage or missed items in and around the accommodation when you leave. If the accommodation was turned over in a good condition, the deposit will be refunded to you within 8 days.

Additional Conditions for the use of electricity
The mentioned rental rates listed on our websites are all inclusive costs of energy, unless more than 85 Kwh for a 2 bedroom and 120 Kwh for a 3 bedroom per week to electricity is consumed, the multiple consumer costs will be deducted from the deposit 0.35€ per Kwh. The installation of an electric meter in the cup board can be arranged by key management. They can give you an explanation on site. 

M A I N T E N A N C E  S E R V I C E
All conceivable service disciplines are in-house or within familiar reach. Are you looking for solutions or the realization of all things around your home? Please contact us quickly at:

We organize and coordinate these tasks for you:
Key management, Furnishing work - Adjustments and Repairs - Painting - Plumbing - Electricity and Renovations.

Our Websites
Espana Casas is working with several national and international websites. Our websites are the perfect sales channel for your holiday accommodation. On top of that, we will place your accommodation on local websites of colleagues and international, frequently visited external rental websites. Our experience teaches us that this way of promotion leads to a huge response. 

Direct Marketing
Through various actions we create email lists with potential clients for direct marketing. This way we are able to address your exact target group with special offers. The selected target groups will be kept up-to-date through email. 

Booking request and payment of lessees
España Casas will send a booking confirmation for each booking request. 
1.  After the booking has been made, lessees have to settle 30% of the rental price within 5 working days. The balance has to be settled at least 60 days before the rental period starts. In case the booking is made within 60 days before the rental period starts, the rental price has to be settled at once. 
2.  All payments have to be pay through bank transfer. There payment statement and the booking confirmation together can be used as the rental contract. 
3.  The bank account number mentioned on the booking form needs to be used when paying the rental price. In case the rental amount is not received within 5 working days, España Casas has the right to cancel the reservation without any prior notice. Amounts that have already been paid will not be refunded.

Payments to owners
All rental payments will be paid before arrival of the lessees.

Registration and obtaining a license number
A registration relate to holiday apartments, studios, villas, chalets, bungalows and other similar properties. Your property will have to meet the Spanish standards with regard to rentability, habitability and safety.

Once you have your license number, it must be included in all online platforms where you offer your holiday home. The rental can start before your application. For a correct invoicing we require your cadastral reference number and address.  Both are mentioned in your escitura or suma payment.

If you have questions and/ or any further interest in our services, do not hesitate to contact us through  
Do you want or you can not respond online, then you can still contact us through: 0031 620 60 66 77


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